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Male teacher appointed principal of women college

By Zulfiqar Ahmed

ISLAMABAD, Feb 26: Negating its tall claim of promoting girls’ education and giving them their due rights and respect in society, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government in KP has imposed a male assistant professor as the principal of the Govt Girls’ Degree College in Booni.

Sources said the provincial government has issued a notification for the appointment of Muhammad Dost – an assistant professor – on the request of PPP MPA Sardar Hussain. When contacted, the newly-appointed male principal of the girls’ college told this correspondent that this was not anything new to be surprised about as some male teachers had already served at the same college.

But the locals of the area rejected the plea taken by the principal, saying Muhammad Dost was trying to use the male teachers as a shield to substantiate his appointment. They said the male teachers of Govt Degree College for Boys, Booni, used to take casual classes only when the girls’ college was just established.

“The male teachers only took classes as volunteers. If this had been case we would have shut it down as this is not acceptable. What’s the use of calling a girls college if you are unable to arrange female staff for it,” the locals maintained. They also said if the government was unable to appoint a female principal, it should have shut down the so-called girls’ college, as there already exists a boy’s degree college at the radius of about half a kilometer. The new male principal who has been handpicked for the first time by any government to head a girls’ college took an interesting plea that he was motivated by Sardar Hussain MPA to take charge so that he could also look after some construction work underway on the college premises.

In reply to a question, he seemed a bit angry and said there were scores of privately run colleges where there was co-education. When he was reminded that he was going to head a government institution, especially set up for girls, he said the Chitrali society had accepted male teachers in schools where girls were studying alongside the boys. Sources close to MPA Sardar Hussain said he was the man behind the appointment of Muhammad Dost.

They said the MPA while cracking jokes with some of his close friends said, ‘what he has done had not been done’ by any MPA in the past as some months back he appointed a female XEN for the public works department Chitral and now a male principal for a girls college. A senior HEC official said the appointment of a male professor at a girls’ college is illegal, which cannot be justified in any way. “This is not an excuse that there is a shortage of female professors. How come they did not find a single female professor in entire KP,” she lamented.

She further said the prime minister was giving special attention to backward areas like Balochitsian such as giving scholarships to students especially girls. “Chitral could be backward but I think it’s far developed than Balochsitan and imposing a political appointee as principal for a girls’ college speaks volume how serious the provincial is about girls’ education,” she lamented.

She said the people of the area must not act like a silent spectator and they should raise the issue with the concerned authorities and if someone or the concerned professor is seeking posting at a girls’ college, a disciplinary action can be initiated against him. There are reports that Professor Muhammad Dost is a diehard PPP activist and he had been lobbying for the slot with the help of MPA Sardar Hussain despite resistance by the people.

Mushtaq Ghani, provincial minister for information and broadcasting, who also looks after the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and MPA Sardar Hussain could not be contacted for comments.

Deputy Commissioner Chitral Aminul Haq said he had received no complaint against the appointment of the male principal at the girls’ college. He said he would take action over the controversial appointment if he was approached by the people of the area. The people of the area appealed to PTI chairman Imran Khan to take notice of what they called ‘humiliation of women’ by appointing a male principal at a girls’ college. They also threatened to take to the streets if the newly-appointed gentleman was not shown the door as early as possible as his appointment is against the law and the very manifesto of the PTI.

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  1. Ubaid says

    My reply was actually to Nasir Mehmood not Mr. Hakeem,my comment was inadvertantly published in a wrong place with wrong Name. I Say sorry to Brother Hakeem.

  2. Ubaid says

    @ Hakeem
    Before issuing sweeping comments, plz keep the sentiments of local people in mind. You say the said professor is not interested in his posting but I am surprised why He has been singled out? Why professor Dost? Why not professor Mumtaz Hussain? Why not professor Ayub Zareen and others? Mr. Hakeem the story is not that simple. The collège is attended by more than 800 of our daughters and sisters. This is a very sensitive issue and the people of the area have strong réservations about the posting of the professor. So his posting should immediatly be reversed.

  3. Muhammad Hakim says

    To become a degree college principal is not so difficult so why especially one male is selected to manage and organize the degree college affairs. In private sectors many non commissioned people running the administration, and their results are more better than others. So, any female who has master degree and has 10 years experience in teaching, can she not manage a degree college system? Government also needs to care the local community feeling. I am really sorry to hear this low level conversation which makes me sad, because how many talented female have appeared in our community so why they are not given chance to manage this institute. It is very easy to develop the education system rather than to create such kind of situation. Because all the education system has been changed from the oldest ways to new technical ways. So better is this one according to the states of the era, such person must be appointed as a principal who knows the modern educational system.

  4. zahid khan says

    MPA, PTI, education department all are not sincere with the people of the subdivision. Inspite of the fact that two associate professors,three assistant professors are at Govt. Girls Degree College Chitral, I am surprised why the department is sending Mr. Dost as principal of GGDC Booni. This shows the inefficiency of the department as well the PTI government.

  5. Ubaid says

    @ Salahuddin: brother, Chitral is not Islamabad and it seems that you are not completely aware about the ground realities here in Chitral. There are many associate professors with good credentials posted at boys dégrée collège Chitral. Do you know why this particular man has been singled out for this slot. Surely there is some malicious intention behind all this and the said professor must have lobbied to get the coveted post.

  6. Haseeb says

    Very sad and sheer joke with the people of sub-division Mastuj. Perhaps they are punished for their peaceful nature and love for education. Had they resorted to some extreme measures like the people of Dir or Swat, the so called champion of women emancipation would not have dared to Play jokes with their sentiments. This would be the first case of its nature where a government girls degree college would be headed by a male principal. Mr. MPA, remember, playing with the sentiments of peace loving people would cause you dearly. If you can’t do anything for the development of the area,then OK. Accumulate wealth as much as you want but plz don’t disturb the sanctity of our chadar and chardiwari. We’ll Never tolerate this insult. I met lot of people at Booni and Mastuj, they are shocked and absolutely angry and would surely come to the Street and create law and order situation, if the appointment of male principal is not reversed immediately.

  7. Salahuddin says

    I think our society is getting more and more patriarchal where males are going to decide what is good or bad for female folks. “What is the use of calling it a female college if the govt can’t arrange female staff, the locals maintained. ” I think it is sufficient for a college to be called as girls college if only girls make the students. I think political motives are driving this non-issue. Even here in Islamabad our colleagues are posted in female colleges. Prof. Abid, one of my friends and colleagues is posted in FG Girls Degree College Margalla.

  8. ilyas says

    M.Iqbal bro! Such kind of double standards in our society have ruined everything in our country. Hr shakh pay gadddhha betha Hay….. PPP, PML, PTI, a to z. Ullo ka bhoj shakh utha b sakta hay lakin ye gaddha drakht k lia b khatra hay….koi behtari ki umeed nahi ayenda 200 salon may b…

  9. M.Iqbal says

    Oh! the mountain community where you spent your intellect and energy. its not amazing that a male professor become the principal of a female college. If a female (Benazir Bhutto) can becomes the prime minister of male dominated society than why not a male professor becomes the principal? Its a demon hunted thinking and worse thinking of mountain community about this story. Your selected MPA , selected by PTI is also a female in the male dominated mountain community. Its not logic that there is deficiency of female principal in the KPK. but they lack the requirement for the principle ship in that very girls college. The HEC having many female educated in the well designated post in the office while their in no deficiency of male educated people than why not the HEC himself first take the action to replace there female staff by male educated people… Very sad both for HEC official’s as well as for the people of mountain community. look for future education betterment beside wasting your time in the opposing the male principal.

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