Chitrali artisits rock in Karachi

KARACHI, Feb 16: Like every year, the Chirtal Students Welfare Association (CSWA) arranged a magnificent musical show at Karachi Auditorium, Garden West.

The event was held to entertain the people of Chitral and Ghizer and generate fund for the welfare of students in different institutes in Karachi. Prominent groups who performed included Bazm-e-Hayat, Few Band and Chitral Dhol Group.

Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah started with beautiful Khowar song and raised the audience’s interest. He also sang a song based on Chitral’s peaceful people written by Azhar Ali Azhar ( Morder). Zulfiqar’s fans waved hands while singing with him in the auditorium. His well established group performed well.

Then came Zafar Hayat’s turn who appeared on the stage with his harmonized group. It was Zafar’s debut at the Karachi show. The audience welcomed him with clapping. He started his first song with the legend Iqbal Uddin Sahar’s ‘kalum’, “Suyeermenen khavshere nawjawanan mehfil…Sahar di nagahan haya mehfila shamil”. Zafar, the emerging singer of Chitral, made the audience spellbound by his magnetizing voice.

When he stood up holding the mike while singing, the participants stood up to support him. As it was his first Karachi performance, everybody focused him curiosity. He won the audience’s hearts by his God gifted talent.

Nadir Shah Hijab, Munawar Shah Rangin, Muhammad Naveed and Mehboob Sangal did their best to beautify the event. This time, new Dhol Group (Susoom Dhol) was called to Karachi show. The group performed extraordinarily and made everyone swing with excitement. The Karachi show provided full entertainment to the participants and the artists rocked.

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