A strong warning to power utility department

BOONI, Feb 16: The residents of Booni Lasht held a protest rally to the assistant commissioner office against the suspension of electricity to their area due to a fault in the transformer for the last two weeks. ZafarThe rally was led by Zafarullah Parwaz. The participants chanted slogans against MPA Sardar Hussain and the power utility company and its contractor. They demanded that the contractor, Amirullah, should be arrested and power supply to their locality restored within 24 hours. Later, the protesters dispersed after the assistant commissioner assured them that the power supply would be restored within 24 hours. Zafarullah Parwaz later said if the promise was not fulfilled within 24 hours, they would come with big ropes and tie all the officials, including the resident engineer, of SHYDO, in some poultry house for 14 days.–Reporting by S.N. Peerzada]]>

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  1. Dear Mr. S. Haq,
    If Parwaz had uttered slogans against the electricity problem in Booni you people had better join hands with him instead of lobbying for the MPA. If he spoke against a person why you take it on your heart too harshly and resort to personal squabble here for no good for yourself.

  2. Nadir Zaman sahib, it was Pawrwaz who said it all for cheap publicity just like the interview of his friend Baqu. He knew he cannot do anything but he uttered the indecent words for honourable which when returned to him u started crying. My advise to u is stop talking tall and mind ur own business.

  3. I felt sorry for the indecent comments by the ‘spoon holder’ lobbyists of Mr. Sardar Hussain, the MPA, who have gone beyond the levels of literary decency and have tried to hit below the belt. Raising voice and rallying against the under-performance and misconduct of the public office bearers is the due democratic right of each and every citizen of Pakistan. The initiative taken by the political activist Mr. Zafar Parwaz should have been appreciated whole-heartedly by people from every walk of life, instead of being ridiculed in such inhumane way, as has very unduly been done by Mr. Shamsul Haq. It shows Mr. Haq has nothing to do with genuine issues faced by the people rather he seems to be more perturbed by the political and familial vested interests revolving his personal circles. Mr. Haq, remember when you deride someone disproportionately you shall get the same very rightly: Who doesn’t know that the distilled alcoholic extract dubbed locally as ‘Troq’ used to be and still remains to be one of your favourite guzzle, too, for making many an evening ebullient with flute music!

  4. Dear Shams and Sabir its very sad to say that being the part of effected community you still support the bureaucracy as well as the officials of the power supply by insulting one man who although can’t nothing to doubt some how show his way of protest again injustice. All the nation having same problem which you people show in your master piece comments. The hierarchy of educated people is astonishing as they might use the power of pen against those who want justice.

  5. It seems that Zafarullah Parwaz might have made a failed attempt to take a flight which depicts from his name (parwaz) while enjoying the snowfall walking around Booni bazar. It also can’t be ruled out that he might have said it all after having a glass of ‘troq ugh’ with Baqu and that too in presence of some drunk ‘sha khoyi or black caps. To cut it short just like barking dogs seldom bite, Parwaz failed to take a parwaz and now he should be tied with ropes in front of a ‘Kahak mari or akhraanu (stable) by the Shydo officials whom he ridiculed.

  6. Jam lu, magar ta hosti ki hani batis, chan ghezhi af biko wa nagah Terich wala he lot line man ta ki khambato gani boti tay kicha bos. Wa ka ta acha d af no goni.

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