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Are you supposed to build a road or destroy it?

BOONI, Jan 25: This three-foot-wide Packa road behind the Booni bazaar was built by BLSO and the people of the town in collaboration with Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme (CIADP) in 2012. RoadThe main objective of the road was to save the pedestrians from the mud and slush created during rain/snowfall in the bazaar area in the winter. It was the responsibility of the local people to maintain the road but former MPA and JUI leader Ghulam Muhammad started the construction of a plaza along the road. During the digging for laying foundations for the plaza, a portion of the road was also bulldozed in complete disregard to the importance of the pathway. Strangely, however, there was no one to ask the political leader of the area to reconstruct the road. The people of the area and those who contributed their share in its construction wait for the reconstruction of the pedestrian road.]]>

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  1. sajid mansur says

    What Mr. Minhasuddin, the assistant commissioner Mastuj is doing at Booni? The digging of the road is criminal negligence on his part for which he must be taken to task by the provincial government. Instead of posting new photos in his facebook every day, he should pay attentions to such things in future.

  2. sadru says

    dear hameed,
    what peerzada had reported based on reality.poor people can,t do any thing against such a big man,even the concerned authorities are help less.anyone who harms public interest should b brought to book.but the irony is that authorities have turned deaf ear toward illegal encroachments throughout booni.

  3. Sabir khan says

    This is called Dadagiri. The people of the area should to report the matter to the concern authorities.Otherwise these corrupt Mafias will start to show their Dadagiri everywhere. Is there nobody have the gut to ask Ghulam mohd that who gave him permission to dig out the road so badly?

  4. Hameed Khan says

    Mr Peerzada seems to be biased in his reporting. He could only find GMs plaza in Booni, when there are dozen others who are violating the civic rules. Mr Editor should look into the details of the news reports whether they are fit to be published or not.

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