Another corruption? Orghoch bridge doomed to collapse before completion

CHITRAL, Jan 6: A jeep-able wooden bridge being constructed over the Chitral river to connect the Orghoch village with the Chitral-Peshawar road has started crumbling even before its completion due to the use of substandard material.

Work on the Rs17 million project was started over two years ago through the MNA fund by the District Council department of Chitral. However, the contractor has even not completed 50 per cent work on the project. After receiving complaints from the citizens, a ChitralToday correspondent visited the under-construction bridge and found the structure crumbling due to the utilization of substandard materials. 

The RCC pillars erected on the Orghoch side have developed cracks which proved the use of poor quality construction material as well as a lack of monitoring from the department concerned. The woods being used in the construction of the bridge were also in very conditions. Local people demanded the government and higher authorities order an inquiry into the matter so that the culprits can be brought to book and the bridge reconstructed by the contractor on his own cost.

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