Who is supposed to repair this road?

CHITRAL, Jan 6: This portion of the Chitral-Peshawar road at Jughoor has long been in the need of reconstruction and repair but it seems there is no department to reconstruct and maintain it. jugu2 copyOn public demand, the National Highway Authority (NHA) a few months ago carried out a patchwork and filled the wide ditches on the road with soil and other materials. However, due to the traffic load, the temporary filling got washed away exposing the cracks and ditches on the portion of the busy road. jugur copy]]>

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  1. Who will think about poor chitralis as our two sleeping beauties are enjoying their winter vacations in islmbd nd Dubai…humhain ab apni madaad aap k tehat hi Apnay maslay solve karnay hongay…qk humaray elected membaran tou apni property bananay mein lagay hain aun ko ghareebon se kiya Lena daina….

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