Ex-MPA from upper Chitral joining JUI-F

BOONI, Dec 1: Former Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Haji Ghulam Muhammad has said he would soon formally announce his decision to join the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F). ghulamGhulam Muhammad was elected to the KP assembly in the 2013 elections from PK-90 upper Chitral on the ticket of All-Pakistan Muslim League (APML) of retired Gen Pervez Musharraf and later unseated in the recounting of votes in some of the polling stations on the petition of PPP’s Sardar Hussain. Talking to ChitralToday on phone from Peshawar on Monday, the former MPA said that he had discussed his decision with the JUI leaders and was joining the party led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman without any condition. He said he would soon announce his decision to join the JUI-F in a gathering in Booni. Mr Ghualam Muhammad also strongly criticized his archrival and MPA Sardar Hussain for his failure to deliver and for claiming credit for all the projects initiated by him. He said that he had got approved funds for the sanitation project of Booni but now Sardar Hussain has not only hijacked the project in his own name but was also utilizing the funds to construct a road to his own house in Booni. He said he had also got approved the upgradation of the tehsil headquarters hospital Booni but now the sitting MPA was claiming credit for this project too. Ghulam Muhammad said that he had also included the construction of the Booni bridge in the non-annual development plan after the provincial government ran short of funds. He said that there was no corruption in the sanitation project but even then he would welcome the report of the one-man commission formed to probe the matter. He said that due to the inability of Sardar Hussain, 300 million rupees sanctioned for different development projects in Booni were returned.]]>

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  1. It is the right of our Ex MPA whatever party he joins, but he will now have to fight the battle on many fronts. As far as performance was concerned he was far better than the current MPA whose is all talk nothing else.

  2. The culture of political trading is over now.GM has already deceived the APML .it is a truth that he got elected because of Musharaf. He is one of the self opportunists and no longer he will stay in JUI F. He is looking for shelter with a fear that no one can dare to explore his corruption. So mull over JUI a safe place.

  3. Ham Alhaj Gholam Mohammad ko Ulama e kiram ki Jamat me Shamoliat par Khoshamdid kehte hen,aor ye umeed Karte hen k Hazrat apne tamam wasail ko Deen islam ki sarbolandi k liye baroe kar layenge.

  4. How he can betray Musharaff, bocoz of whom he got elected and all the vote bank of GM was of Pervez Musharaf. Without APML platform he was just a a contractor, neither he had any achievements , skills, personality for the this job. Similar is the case of our current MNA , but his only achievement was that his father was an MNA in the past.

  5. The day Ghulam Muhammad will join JUI-F, his downfall will begin. Sardar Hussain and company, his worst political rival, have already started celebrations in upper Chitral. They are happy thinking with the departure Sardar Hussain will get rid of a most potential threat to his political career. Majority of Ismailis will not vote for a religious political party. the way the local JUI-F leadership is spitting venom against AKDN institutions is something which has spoiled the image of the party to the point of no return. My suggestion to GM is that he could do far better as an independent candidate instead of joining the JUI-F. And after winning the elections he can join political party of his choice. Wish you luck Mr GM.

  6. The time has come that GM must not commit a political suicide by joining a radical Islamist political party like JUI-F. GM has a huge vote bank in Ismaili dominated areas. He will lose all the votes the day he joins the bandwagon of Maulana Diesel. I would rather suggest him to kick out all the so-called local PTI leadership using his connections with the CM Khattak and Azam Swati. The local PTI leadership is not capable enough to deliver at all. They have already failed and the failure will greet them again. So do not go for this blunder man.

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