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IGP hails NGOs for strengthening police force

CHITRAL, June 5: The inspector general of police, Nasir Khan Durrani, here on Thursday appreciated the role of various non-governmental organizations in the strengthening of police force in Malakand Division. On the occasion of a presentation about the strengthening of police force by Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE) here on Thursday, he said that the NGOs have helped the force in its rehabilitation to indirectly facilitate the general public. He termed the computerization of police records in the region an innovative and commendable job which will remove many hurdles in the dispensation of justice to the aggrieved and maintenance of effective check and control over lower officials. Earlier, the manager, field operation, Roohullah said that under it has provided barracks to the police stations of Ayun, Koghuzi and Drosh to solve the residential problems. He said that under its Strengthening of Rule of Law in Malakand (SRLM), it has embarked upon a vast project of institutional strengthening and provision of physical infrastructure on need basis in all the seven districts of the division. He said that under the Public Safety and Justice Program, it has provided computer sets and related paraphernalia to the police and has imparted training to the police personnel to computerize the records of police stations including FIRs. He said that the computerization of the police station records will help to speed up the legal proceeding of criminal cases and will indirectly benefit the public. On this occasion, he presented a cheque for Rs. 0.8 million to the IGP for development projects and institutional strengthening. AIG establishment Fida Hassan Shah and DIG Malakand Abdullah Khan were also present.–Zahiruddin]]>

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