Two C&W dept. contractors arrested in Chitral

ISLAMABAD, June 2: In a major anti-corruption drive against the corrupt contractor mafia in Chitral, the Anti-Corruption Department arrested two contractors of the Communication and Works (C&W) department on the charge of corruption while an XEN is still at large, police sources told ChitralToday on Monday. arrestAccording to the sources in Chitral police, the Anti-Corruption Department arrested Contractor Muzafar of Bakrabad town, who also happens to be a former banker, along with one of his close associate Qazafi, son of Haji Ghaffar Khan, also a renowned contractor. The sources also said police were making all-out efforts to arrest Jalal Jan, an executive engineer of the department, who is related to Awami National Party (ANP) Chitral President Muzafar Jan. The sources said the accused XEN had fled Chitral and was believed to be hiding in Timargara to avoid arrest. Meanwhile, the people of Chitral have welcomed the crackdown on the contractors who have brought the development of the backward district to standstill, and demanded strict action against them. They also expressed the fear that the contractors might influence the officials of the Anti-Corruption Department by greasing their palms which would earn a bad name for the organization as well the district police officer (DPO) Ghulam Hussain who is thought to be an upright officer. The people threatened of protest demonstrations against the Anti-Corruption Department and the police if other contractors accused of corruption were not arrested.]]>

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  1. The news of the detention of the contractors and some well -known ex-C&W officials on charges of corruption and recovery of ill-gotten money from them is a wake up call for those who indulge in corruption in government departments and do so with impunity. These corrupt elements are the enemy of the nation and suck out our blood in order to satiate their filthy desires. We have seen the children of some of these ex-C&W officials living in opulence at the expense of their father’s ill-gotten money. Today they must be licking the dust reminiscing their arrogance of yesterday. This is indeed a lesson for them and the rest of the society that an evil deed results in humiliation in this world as well as in the hereafter.
    Khalid Pervaiz Raza,
    Booni Chitral.

  2. The absconding XEN is a Tableeghi and steps on peoples shoulders to reach the front row in mosque prayer congregations.

  3. Good News and this is this is good step by KPK Govt crack down against corrupt people who destroyed Chitral a huge amount were sent to their pockets but some roads were shown Blacktop in papers only.

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