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Recounting row enters crucial stage

ISLAMABAD, Oct 22: The election tribunal is set to take up the recounting issue of PK-90 upper Chitral in Peshawar on Tuesday. phcThe two-member commission has already submitted its report to the tribunal giving a one-vote victory to PPP candidate Sardar Hussain against the APML sitting MPA Ghulam Muhammad who had been declared the winner with seven votes in the May 11 general elections. ChitralToday sources said that in order to save his seat Ghulam Muhammad would file a written objection today (Tuesday) with the election tribunal against the commission report. The MPA has accused the commission of giving undue favour to his rival Sardar Hussain during the recounting of the postal ballots. After admitting the objections of the MPA, the tribunal may summon the two-man commission for cross-examination in light of the allegations. A legal expert said the commission members would be provided ample opportunity to defend the allegations after which the tribunal would give its verdict after hearing both the parties. According to the expert, if the tribunal gives its verdict against the APML candidate, he can approach the Supreme Court of Pakistan, seeking an interim stay order – an interim relief for a period of six months. He said an intra-court appeal to vacate the stay order can be filed by the PPP candidate but even then there are chances that the aggrieved party might also succeed in extending the stay for another six months – depending on the nature of the case.]]>

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  1. Zulfiqar Ali Parimali says

    Achey MPA ki zarorat hay Chitral kay leya. Jo bhi ho magar choor nahi hona chaiyah..Ham ko kisi say ikhtilaf nahi albata chooron ko pasand nahi karangay.

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