Salute to an unsung Chitrali sports veteran!

By Prof. Mumtaz Hussain This is the story of a Chitrali sports veteran who despite lack of facilities and training opportunities played a remarkable role in the national and international scene. We joined the High School Buni in 1969, in the sixth class. From our village primary school came with us a rather shy boy, Muhammad Nadir. 1nadir1He was an ordinary boy at any standard. He did not fare very well in studies or any other activity. But in the autumns, when the sports week came, he began shining like a star. He participated in almost all athletics events and won prizes. Then this boy dominated all sports events in the school for the coming years. After matriculation he joined Chitral Scouts, where he was soon picked for sports like athletics and volleyball. Muhammad Nadir served in the Scouts for more than 20 years as a sportsman. He represented Chitral Scouts, Pakistan Army, and finally Pakistan, in athletics. Muhammad Nadir was groomed by the Chitral Scouts as an athlete. He participated in all categories of track and field, high jump and long jump. But his specialty was 800 meter race. He dominated the national athletic scene for more than a decade. He remained Frontier Corps 800 meter champion for more than a decade. In 1984, he became Pakistan Army Champion in the same category. With this he was selected in the Army athletics squad for the coming years. For Army, he won gold medals in Inter-services Championships and National Games. Muhammad Nadir represented Pakistan in the International Athletics Moot and finished second, first position being won by a Chinese athlete. Muhammad Nadir was well rewarded for his services by the Chitral Scouts. He got rapid promotions, and spent most of his years as a JCO. He retired as Subedar, and is now living an obscure but peaceful life in his ancestral village Charun Owir.   He has got no regrets or complains but people like him deserve appreciation nevertheless. We should appreciate and pay tribute to all such veterans and heroes who have played such an important role at the national and international level. race  ]]>

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  1. Unbelievable and I never imagined that such a national hero belonged to Chitral. And as rightly pointed out by the writer, it is also amazing how Mohammad Nadir utilized his God gifted talent despite his birth in a remote village of Chitral devoid of all facilities. The new generation owes much to these heroes and we should at least bring their feats to the limelight so that the youth can get inspirations from them. My special thanks to Prof Saheb for writing about this wonderful man. Indeed prof Mumtaz has done wonderful work for promotion of Chitral’s culture and traditions. Please keep it up, sir.

  2. It is true to say that the ‘unsung sportsman’ was hidden but history unearths it on very time as did Prof. Mumtaz Hussain. We are proud to be part of it but its true we were unaware of it. Credit certainly goes to Prof. Mumtaz Hussain for sifting the historical pages of Chitral and doing justice with its historiography.

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