Thousands attend Eid prayers


Eid prayers at Drosh.–Photo by Kamal A. Jamil.[/caption] CHITRAL, Oct 17: Eidul Azha was celebrated in all parts of Chitral with religious zeal on October 16. Cold weather coupled with rain in some parts of the valley forced people to spend the day indoor. Because of the week-long vacation, a large number of Chitralis, especially students, have also come to their native villages from different parts of the country to celebrate the Eid with their families. Eid prayers were offered in mosques and Jamatkhanas as well as open spaces in the morning after which people visited their relatives, neighbours and friends to exchange Eid greetings. Later, most of the people sacrificed animals. The biggest Eid congregations were held in Shahi Masjid, Bazar Masjid, Jang Bazar and small mosques in Chitral town. In Drosh, the main gathering was held at the Murad Stadium while in Ayun most of the people offered Eid prayers at Eid Gah. The local administration had deployed police outside almost all the Eid venues, especially in Chitral town, Drosh and major villages. Reports said after Eid, weather remained cloudy in whole of Chitral and there was rainfall in upper Chitral between Wednesday and Thursday night.]]>

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