Booni residents on hunger strike against corruption

BOONI, Oct 7: Some residents of Booni have started a hunger strike against what they said massive corruption in the communication and works (C&W), irrigation and public health departments. strikeThe residents on hunger strike included Sarfarz Ali, Rehmat Salam, Mohammad Khan, Noor Wali Shah, Faizur Rehman and Tika Khan. They have been observing the hunger strike at Booni Chowk for the last five days. Besides, the residents are also demanding that these institutions should show their performance for the betterment of the local people. Talking to, the hunger strikers said the C&W department could not make one kilometer charcoal road in five years. They appealed to the chief justice of Peshawar High Court to take notice of the matter. They criticized the PTI-led provincial government and said its attitude seemed that it was promoting the contractors of these departments. There is no check and balance in the institutions. All the water schemes should be thoroughly investigated and their performance should be brought in front of the local public, they demanded. They also called upon all the political parties and the local business community to assemble in the Booni Chowk at 10am on October 10 to show their unity so that these departments can be forced to improve their working.]]>

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