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It is a fight between voters and motors, says PPP man

BOONI, May 9: Syed Sardar Hussain, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate for PK-90 upper Chitral, on Thursday said the forthcoming elections would be a fight between ‘voters and motors’ and the winners would be the poor but conscious voters of the area. SONY DSCHe was addressing a big public gathering held at an agricultural field of Wazir Ahmed Lal here on Thursday morning. Mr Hussain said that the PPP was the party of the poor people who accounted for about 98 per cent of the local population. He said those holding rallies on rented jeeps and cars were trying to impress the voters through their wealth but the people would vote on the basis of their ideology. Mr Hussain was particularly referring to a public gathering of APML candidate Ghulam Mohammad in Booni a day earlier in which hundreds of vehicles were used to bring the participants to the venue. The PPP candidate said that he was a diehard party activist and had been associated with the PPP for decades and like 98 per cent of the people of the area had no ill-gotten resources to use it in the elections. He said the people of the area will vote him to power with a thumping majority on May 11. A large number of people attended the gathering. Thos who also spoke on the occasion included PPP women wing Chitral president Falak Naz, former tehsil nazim Shamsur Rehman, ex-nazim Amirullah, Fida Ali Advocate, and Dur Dana Shah.      ]]>

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  1. Karim Ali Booni says

    It is also the fight of tongue and wealth here in upper Chitral. Shahjee has tongue and Ghulam Muhammad has wealth.

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