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PTI has an edge among young people

CHITRAL, May 9: About 50 per cent of passengers coming to Chitral from Peshawar said they were going to vote for the PTI candidates in the district on May 11. ptiThis correspondent conducted the random interview while waiting for the opening of the Lowari tunnel in Dir side on Wednesday. ChitralToday put the single question of “Whom you are going to vote among the PTI,  APML, JI and PPP” to about 300 passengers. As many as 140 of them said they would vote for PTI, 30 per cent favoured Jamaat-e-Islami while the remaining 30 per cent were for the PPP and other parties. It may be noted here, however, that most of the respondents were aged below 30 years and were coming to Chitral from different cities.]]>

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