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Road closure to deprive many Chitralis of their right to vote

DROSH, May 8: Voters in Chitral are feeling extreme difficulty in reaching their constituencies to cast vote due to the closure of the Lowari Pass. Under the schedule, the NHA should have opened the road in the first week of April to facilitate easy access for the people of Chitral. In the winter the under-construction Lowari tunnel remained opened only for three days a weak and during the remaining days Chitral remains disconnected from the rest of the country and people of the area are in serious hardship. During winter season, majority of Chitrali people migrate to the down country like Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi for earning their livelihood and return to Chitral in earl summer. At present, a large number of Chitrali voters are trying to come back to their constituency to cast their vote but the closure of the Lowari Pass is the main obstacle on their way. The people of Chitral have already appealed to the district administration as well as other authorities to remove the snow and open the Lowari Pass road but to no avail. So far no efforts have been made to open the pass by NHA. The people of Chitral as a last resort directly appeal to the election commission to intervene in the matter and direct the NHA for the early opening of the Lowari Pass road before May 11 so that the voters of Chitral can be able to cast their vote in their respective constituency.–Nasir Mehmood]]>

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