Chitralis asked to rid of tested politicians and vote for PTI


DROSH, May 8: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) organized a huge public gathering at the Arandu bus terminal in Drosh on Wednesday morning which was attended by thousands of PTI supporters and other people. pti copyEarlier a’ tsunami motorcycle and car rally’ was taken out in the Drosh bazaar which the locals said was the biggest in the history of this garrison town. The rally was led by Insaf Student Federation Drosh’s president Zubairuddin Qazi, general secretary Hashim Khan, PTI leader Razitubilllah and PK-89 candidate Haji Sultan Mohammad. Addressing the public gathering, Haji Sultan said that the victory of the PTI in Chitral was certain because like people of the country the Chitralis also wanted a change. He said the people of the valley knew well that to test those politicians who have failed to deliver would be a folly. He said the PTI was the party of the masses in true sense of the word and after coming to power it would ensure rule of law and speedy justice to the people irrespective of their social status. He said the people of Chitral wanted a change and they would prove it by voting for the PTI on May 11. Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Lateef Advocate, the PTI candidate for NA-32, said that those who committed a corruption of 12,500 billion rupees cannot and should not claim to be the sincere and sympathetic public representatives.  He said that after coming to power his party would ensure social justice and provide basic facilities like healthcare and education to the masses. He said that even after the passage of over six decades 70 per cent people in the country were deprived of education. Mr Lateef said due to the corrupt system in the country, the poor were becoming poorer and the rich getting richer. He said the rulers were never sincere with the poor and the poor have no respect in this country. He asked the people of Chitral to stamp on bat, the election symbol of the PTI, to prove that they love Imran Khan. He said the PTI would  bring drastic changes in the socio-economic system of the country and Chitral would be put on the track of development.]]>

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