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Court to be moved against poor Khowar primer drafting

DROSH, May 7: The Anjuman Taraqi-e-Khowar, Drosh chapter, has announced its decision to move the court of law in order to make transparent the Khowar syllabus drafting for the primary school level. group copyIn a press statement issued on Tuesday, office-bearers of the language promotion association’s Drosh chapter said for the last over five decades the association had been struggling to include the Khowar language of Chitral in the syllabus. But when the objective was achieved with the KPK government including the language in the primary school level from the academic session 2013, some vested interests in the association failed to prepare even the primer of Khowar properly by handing over the task to irrelevant people. The office-bearers of the association in Drosh said the syllabus drafting was the key process that should not have been compromised on and it should have been done through complete consensus by taking all the stakeholders and language experts into confidence. They said due to the unprofessional and poor handling of the process, they had decided to dissociate themselves from the association and take the matter to the court of law, so that the objective of the association could be achieved in a transparent and professional manner for the betterment of the Khowar language.]]>

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