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PPP asked to reconsider nomination for PK-89

CHITRAL, April 11: Former nazims of southern union councils of Chitral have rejected the decision of the PPP leadership regarding the nomination of party candidate for PK-89 Chitral and warned that the party would face defeat in the election if the decision was not reversed. voteIn a meeting held in Drosh, the former union nazims of PPP, Haidar Abbas (Drosh-I), Abdul Bari (Drsoh-II), Sher Muhammad Khan (Arandu) and others reiterated their demand that the party ticket should be given to the former tehsil nazim Sartaj Ahmed Khan. They said that the obduracy of the provincial leadership of the party regarding the nomination of the former provincial minister Saleem Khan is leading the party to a defeat despite its numerical majority in Chitral. They said that whenever, the provincial or central leadership imposed the candidates on the party workers of Chitral, the party candidates lost and unfortunately it is going to be repeated this time as well. They have demanded of the party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to rush to interfere in the matter and decide about the nomination of the party candidate keeping in view the ground reality and the aspirations of the party workers.– Zahiruddin  ]]>

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