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ITREB seminar: Prophet Muhammad a symbol of tolerance

ISLAMABAD, April 9: The Shia Imami Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (ITREB) recently organized a Seerat conference at the Islamabad Serena Hotel, says a press release.  H.E Muhammad Rashad addressing the seerat conference organised by ITREB, RIPMAThe conference revolved around the theme “The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad as a symbol of tolerance” and saw many eminent scholars from across the country presenting papers on the importance of tolerance in light of the Holy Prophet’s teachings. Chief guest Mohammad Rashad Daureeawo, the High Commissioner of Mauritius, while addressing the audience said tolerance is the dire need of human societies today as impatience and intolerance is rampant across the world. The life of the holy Prophet was an example of full of tolerance and patience, the human society has not produced any other examples or personality like him to signify tolerance. Professor Dr Muhammad Ziaul Haq, Dean of Sharia and Law Department of International Islamic University, Islamabad, said “the message of Islam was spread with love and peace; the purpose of preaching and teachings of the holy Prophet (PBUH) was not focused on gaining victory over regions, nations and countries but it was focused on winning the souls and hearts of the people. The hearts and souls cannot be won by force, intolerance, injustice and disrespect.  He said that the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a symbol of peace not only for Muslim societies but for the entire mankind. Professor Perwaiz Hayat of ITREB cited many events from the Seerah as examples of tolerance, demonstrated by the Holy Prophet during his life. The declaration of Madina (Misaq-e-Madina) and the event of Taif where the Holy Prophet prayed for the people of Taif while the children of Taif teased him and threw stones on him, were great examples of tolerance exhibited by Prophet Muhammad. Speaking on tolerance and its importance as highlighted by the Seerah Mubarak of the Prophet (PBUH), Dr. Sajid Subahani said that the life of the Holy Prophet is the best example to follow and bring peace and prosperity in society. Prophet (PBUH) was not only a leader for Muslims but for the whole humanity. He said that the problem of intolerance and impatience that the society is facing was due to lack of education and neglecting the Seerah of the Prophet (PBUH). The conference was attended by members from different walks of life and was well appreciated. As stated by His Highness the Aga Khan in 1976 in Karachi at the International Seerat Conference: “The Holy Prophet’s life gives us every fundamental guideline that we require to resolve the problem as successfully as our human minds and intellects can visualize. His example of integrity, loyalty, honesty, generosity both of means and of time, his solicitude for the poor, the weak and the sick, his steadfastness in friendship, his humility in success, his magnanimity in victory, his simplicity, his wisdom in conceiving new solutions for problems which could not be solved by traditional methods, without affecting the fundamental concepts of Islam, surely all these are foundations which, correctly understood and sincerely interpreted, must enable us to conceive what should be a truly modern and dynamic Islamic Society in the years ahead.”]]>

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