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PTI candidates receive warm welcome at Booni

BOONI, March 29: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) contestants for National Assembly Abdul Lateef and PK-90 Rehmat Ghazi reached Booni with a convoy of supporters on Friday. photo0705 copyThe participants of the convoy were chanting the slogan of “Save Pakistan, Vote to Imran Khan”.  President of PTI Youth wing Mr. Rian Malik welcomed the candidates on a reception was held for them Booni. He thanked the PTI supporters  for gathering to welcome their leaders on a short call. Forwarding his token of thanks to public gathering, Mr. Abdul Lateef said that people should support the PTI to change the rampant system and status quo instead of changing faces. The immaculate and spotless character of Imran Khan needs your support to get the country out of the corruption and corrupt mafia. “Every child does shoulder eighty thousand loan at his birth today which was fifty thousand a few years ago and the conditions indicate that the country is heading towards destruction,” he said. While reiterating the policy of PTI on the occasion Mr. Rehmat Ghazi said that we are more concerned and mindful about the education in Chitral and committed to working to universalize the education system. By your support after becoming your representative, we will ensure recruitments on different jobs on merit and positions of each union council will be filled by the candidates of that area. “ You demand change, so support Imran Khan, if he brings no change after coming into power  we as your representatives would be first to rise against him by tendering resignation from the party,” he said.]]>

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  1. Ejaz Ibrahim, Kishmanja (Sonoghur) says

    Warm welcome whatever but one thing is for sure that PTI has no future at least in Chitral. Abdul Latif of PTI will hardly get around 50-100 votes from Oveer, his native village. But Oveer is also a Sunni-dominated area where almost all the people back religious political parties like JI and JUI-F. Those who support JUI-F will never vote for PTI due to Jamaima Khan factor, an accusation used by Mualana Fazal quite frequently to dent the popularity of Imran Khan. The Jamaima factor will be great problem for PTI in Chitral as well, hence Latif has no chances. The party has done a blunder by awarding him a ticket for NA-32. If this could have been Mr Fradad Ali Shah, he might have given tough time to his opponents as he is quite popular and people know him.
    As far Rehmat Ghazi, he also falls in the same category because he spent most of his time in Peshawar. Some people of his clan may vote for him but he must not rely on other tribes because most of them too will go with Ghulam Muhammad. Syed Sardar Hussain is also another ideal candidate but his chances are also not very bright because the guy is short of cash to spend in his election campaign. Otherwise he was an ideal candidate for provincial assembly seat. He is a very good speaker, well connected and has the capacity to at least highlight the issues faced by the people of Chitral from the floor of provincial assembly.
    Salim Khan must stay at home as his stars are in trouble after ten years rule as nazim and minister for population welfare. Besides, if he manges to become an MPA, he will not be able to get a ministerial slot this time because his all time powerful boss Sarduddin Hashwani is no more in position to help him this time.

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