Experts highlight education issues in Chitral


CHITRAL, March 29: Speakers at a conference on education emergency in Pakistan here highlighted the issues of education in Chitral district. DSCN9309 (1) copyThe conference was organised by the Alif Ailaan campaign- funded by the UK Department of International Development. A press release issued on Thursday said that the campaign aimed at ending Pakistan’s education crisis by working with politicians, media and the civil society. It also aims at creating awareness about the issues and a commitment to fixing the problems. Calling attention to the situation, speakers, parents, teachers and social activists stressed the need for politicians to make a commitment to ending the education problems. During welcome address Mr. Luke Rehmat District Network Coordinator of Alif Ailaan gave brief presentation regarding Alif Ailaan and shared vision of Alif Ailaan to implement article 25 A  the educational constitution of Pakistan. Mr. Rehmat said ‘’the conference today is aim to mobilize public, citizens, parents, education providers and politicians to make concrete plans for implementation of 25 A of the constitution. Theme of the conference is ‘’give us education, take a vote’’ Mr. Rehmat added ‘’ it was great opportunity that first time political parties have shared their educational manifesto with public’’ The good thing about the conference was speakers were given different topics. Dr. Inayatuallh Faizi coordinator Abdul Wali Khan University Bacha Khan campus Chitral and a well known scholar and writer from Chitral presented his views on importance of education in 21st century for Chitral. He said theme of education is rapidly changing and youth need to focus on many dimension of new studies. He said ‘’earlier literacy rate was assume that if a person can write his name and signature he/she was considered literate but now the theme has changed bachelor is nothing today students need more to do to compete in the market. Speaking on occasion Mr. Abdul Wali Advocate, the district president of Quami Wataan Party, (candidate for NA 32 from Chitral), shared his manifesto of education. He emphasized that ‘’ everyone should know their responsibilities and liabilities to deliver quality education. He said, “There is a need to fix education as a whole and to pay special attention to ensuring that barriers to female education are brought down.” Education is a top priority of Townes Treek said Mr. Ghulam Hazrat Inqilabi (Candidate from Chitral for PK-89 independently) Mr. Inqilabi is also president of District Baar Association Chitral. He said I am really inspired by the youth of Kalash valleys such Luke Rehmat they are doing some wonderful job. Speaking at the conference, Chief Guest Major (R) G.D Langland said that education in Pakistan couldn’t be fixed until politicians and citizens committed themselves to solving the problem. He said he has 23 years for providing quality education in Chitral and remained head of many institutions in Pakistan. Mr. Langland emphases ‘’education must be priority especially for girls’’. Mr. Langland while talking to Alif Ailaan team disclosed that they are working on fund raising things for another quality education initiative Mr. Langland said ‘’as I am 95 years old and retiring from my job as a principal, but I am collecting more funds to built, The Langlands Degree college for girls in Chitral to provide another quality education for girls in degree classes’’ He said that Chitral is making progress when I came in Chitral 23 years ago there was no college for girls and boys. But now there are dozens of colleges and two campuses of universities in Chitral. He further added that Chitral has ranked second in KPK in terms of education after Abbotabad. A number of other participants spoke on the occasion including Mr. Wazir Zada (Potential candidate for minority seat in PA from PTI), Mr. Jahangir (District president Muslim Students Federation, MSF), Mr. Hidayat (Member Jamiat-e-Islami, JTI), Mr. Nabaig Advocate (member PTI Chitral). The education emergency conference and Alif Ailaan campaigns is getting momentum in Chitral. Some parts of the conference were organized in Kalash valleys, awareness regarding education to be prioritized is reaching grass-root audience and there will be very positive results in near future, said Mr. Rehmat.  ]]>

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