Karachi rocked by two bomb blasts

KARACHI, March 3: About 50 people were killed and hundreds injured when Karachi was rocked by two bomb blasts on Sunday. karachi-bombs-afp-670Media reports said one of the explosions occurred outside a Shia mosque in Abbas Town at a time when the worshipers were leaving evening prayers. “Women and children were among the dead and injured,” Fayaz Laghari, a police chief of Sindh province, told AFP. A cloud of smoke was witnessed from the site of the incident. The blasts were heard from far distances. Reports said that nearby flats have caught fire or have been destroyed due to the severity of the blasts. Several shops have also been seriously damaged by the explosions. “The explosion was so massive it jolted the entire area,” said an eyewitness. “Two flats and nearby shops caught fire after the explosion and balconies of various buildings collapsed.” Windows in the area have also been shattered. Police and rangers have also cordoned off the area. Rescue services have rushed to the site of the blasts. TTP disassociates itself from blasts: The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have disassociated themselves from the Abbas Town blasts. Speaking to TV channels, TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan has said his group was not involved in the atrocity. Although he did not condemn the attack, he categorically stated that the TTP was not responsible.]]>

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  1. It was surprising that foolproof security was given to posh area of Clifton where Sharmila Faruqi’s engagement was going on but on the other side people were taking their beloved ones dead bodies to hospitals that particular night. This is what the actual problem with the present government. It has totally failed to protect the life of the citizens.

  2. The agencies have failed to provide protection to civilians… and they are trying to convert peaceful protests into violent ones. I witnessed how Rangers indiscriminately harassed the mourners following the blast. They took several boys (in black cloths) on gun-point and started aerial firing.
    Our security forces, be it police or Rangers, can’t fight Taliban; cannot enter Lyari; cannot eliminate land mafia/extortionists/ransom gangs etc, but they are always ready to target peaceful civilians.
    Shiites should occupy the streets of Pakistan on Ashura to protest Shia genocide.
    P.S. a milkman who was martyred is a Sunni Muslim and many other injured are Sunni brothers. Its high time, evil forces are against both the sects.

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