Five killed in jeep plunge; update

CHITRAL, Jan 1: Five persons, including a woman, were killed and five others injured when a jeep fell into the river in front of Reshun in upper Chitral on Tuesday morning, police here said. The taxi jeep (6380) was coming to Chitral from Gohkir village of Molkhow when it slipped off the Shogram bridge in front of Reshun. The deceased were identified as Sanaullah, sepoy of Chitral Scouts, Sorum Khan, Rehmat Panah, Ghulam and Jamila, daughter of Mir Wali. The five injured are: driver Rehmat Wazir, owner of the jeeb Mohammad Ayub, Saifur Rehman, Saifullah Kha, and Asadullah. Three bodies have been recovered so far while two bodies are still missing. The injured are being treated at a hospital in Booni. The local people said the driver had lost one of his legs in an accident last year and had fixed an artificial leg. Despite that, he continued driving the taxi on the dangerous roads in Chitral.]]>

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  1. Sorry to hear the jeep accident. Chitral police is responsible for the lose of the lives of the people. Why a one-legged man has been allowed to drive a taxi? There are lots of drivers who are disabled but are still driving public transport. No authority is there to check and stop them to play with the lives of people. Chitral police authorities, especially the DPO, is 100 per cent responsible for death of the people.

  2. Very sad news not only for the families and relatives of the accident victims but also for the residents of Gohkir. These people are really facing hurdles and the condition of the roads is very bad. The authorities concerned have always neglected these roads. A few years back, a tractor also fell down into a ravine in the Shogram side. May Allah rest the souls in peace and give courage to the families to bear the losses.

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