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DSL stops working in Chitral

CHITRAL, Dec 31: The DSL (digital subscriber line) is not working in Chitral for the last five days, creating problems for the internet users. Besides, the Pakistan Telecommunication Communication (PTCL) media is also jammed. As a result, people here are facing hardship in contacting their relatives outside of the district. A solar panel of DSL has been installed at the top of Lowari Pass but it seems that substandard quality material has been used in that repeater of the DSL. As a result, it remain out of order after snowfall. It is worth mentioning here that last year DSL remained disconnected for more than three months in Chitral. When this scribe contacted Dr. Riaz Inayat, the executive vice present of PTCL Islamabad, he promised that his staff would go to Lowari Top for rectifying the fault. He said they have to hire local people who can climb the snowbound pass. Provincial Minister for Population Welfare Saleem Khan said he had also contacted the high-ups of the PTCL for restoring the DSL (internet) service but so far no action has been taken.—GH Farooqui]]>

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