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  1. Mr. Ahmad, after the passage of many days I came back to this fabulous Chitraltoday.net and got through your all comments. I respect the teacher as being Chitrali though he didn’t teach me. However, I also respect him because perhaps my of my friends have sat in his classes at Degree College Chitral. He is a professional analyst and a PhD scholar and possesses all the qualities of a good teacher but it is strange he falls to take revenge under personal grudges which is quite not fair. Secondly, comparing him withe the NASA scientists would be a big injustice with the American scientists who revolutionalized the US space knowledge. He should have been compared with Dr AQ Khan.

  2. Mr Shahpar Ali says he has interacted with different people in Chitral, all the bank officials (except the bank under discussion) and everyone under the sun in one day and come to the conclusion that the bank is inappropriate. What a great surveyor Mr Shahpar Ali is. Whether the bank is appropriate or not is another matter which can be discussed in detail separately, but here the single point of discussion is whether the report by Dr Inayatullah Faizi to a national newspaper saying “Now the government treasury and the NBP are housed in the upper story of a tiny shop and the strong room is housed in a cabin”, is correct or not. If not, then Dr Faizi should admit his mistake and not make it an ego matter. If Mr Fardad can give his point of view with his name, why can’t Dr Faizi do so when the whole discussion is about his letter to a national newspaper.

  3. Today, I interacted with other bank officials in Chitral and talked to different people over this matter and I can certainly say now that what Dr. Faizi actually wrote represents the factual position of the status of NBP branch in Chitral. Everyone I have talked to is complaining (especially the other bank officials to whom NBP Chitral serves as a feeding bank) about the little space available in the bank and the inapproriateness of the current premises for a bank that serves as a treasury bank in Chitral. I believe that my learned teacher highlighted an important issue but Mr. Fardad has played with it for his personal benefits. I will request the editor of Chitraltoday to employ a reporter from Chitral Press Club for one day and ask him to interview bank officials, Chitral bazar traders and the pensioners (tomorrow is 1st January and there will be plenty of them in the branch) about the appropriateness of the current branch.

  4. First Shahpar Ali tried to involve an individual and now he wants to involve another website to divert the discussion and exonerate Dr Inayatullah Faizi who has declared the National Bank Chitral building a tiny shop and a cabin, in his letter to a national newspaper. Without beating about the bush, the question is simple; Is the statement made by Dr Faizi about the size of the bank correct or not?

  5. A very important piece from my earlier comment was edited by the administrator and damaged the true logic of my comment. I had shared a link of another news website of Chitral where the original information of the destruction of the NBP building and the make-shift arrangement in a tiny shop and a cabin was published with pictures and scores of suffering people. I don’t see any harm in sharing the link of any other website on chitraltoday.net but the learned admin had other thoughts. Only if the earlier link was shared my readers would have known what I am talking about.

  6. Shahpar Ali sahib, Please don’t give a personal touch and twist this important discussion about intellectual ethics. It doesn’t matter whose premise it was. Individuals are not important, facts are facts. Calling a huge building a tiny shop cannot be justified no matter how much you try by giving fancy reasons and date of writing of the letter etc. Calling a spade a spade is all that we demand from our intellectuals. We do not want them to take pain and call a spade a hammer.

  7. This news item is a clear evidence of the reality of what Dr. Faizi wrote for the newspaper. He took the pain and might have written the letter to Dawn between 05-15 December 2012 (before NBP was actually shifted to the current place) and the letter was published on December 25, 2012 (after the building was shifted). It is as simple as that. Mr. Fardad must have misunderstood that the letter was actually written against his premises where NBP is now housed.

  8. Sometimes one cannot directly address an issue and has to adopt different approach. I assume there is some other problem with the building if it has enough space. One issue might be that it is situated on the second floor. It is not easy for senior citizens and disabled people to climb to the second floor. Is there arrangement for such people in the building?
    As Dr. Faizi has pointed out NBP Chitral is dealing with pension and EOBI cases of 11,200 people. Is it appropriate to trouble so many people even if the building has enough space. Note that except a few, most pensioners are over 60 years of age and in the context of Chitral a man of 60 years is almost disabled. I have seen many aged people breaking their legs, arms and head etc., while climbing up and down stairs.
    I request to the commentators to come out of the box while commenting on such an issue and avoid personal attacks. A sentence always does not carry the same meaning. English is not our mother tongue. Also when a letter is published without edit. Sometimes, during editing the meaning of a letter is also lost.

  9. Well, I am here to defend my teacher Dr Inyatullah Faizi. He does not need any certificate before writing anything to a newspaper. He is an intellectual of high calibre and knows how to carry out his job. The people who are crying on his piece might be expecting from him to speak in their tone, which is not possible for a creative mind. He knows the pros and cons of the issues and is a prolific writer, applauded by his readers across the country.
    If you want that a popular critic, who reads the pulse of the society and evaluates things in a microscopic way, should speak your language, you are at fault. Such expectations from Dr Faizi or any of his students is just like beating your head against the wall.
    You also need some brainstorming that writing in a newspaper of national stature is not an easy task. All those criticizing Dr Faizi – a man who always does justice to his words – must keep in mind that they will never match his intellect throughout their lives. Faizi is a name that needs no introduction. Though he belongs to the backward area of Balim, his mind is more enlightened than those working in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). A piece of land means nothing to him. It might be of great material value to your good self but Faizi means nothing like greed.
    If you are adamant to challenge his credibility, you are playing on the wrong foot. One of the main reasons for degradation of a society like ours is that we run after corrupt politicians, ignoring the real assets like Faizi, for personal petty gains.
    The so-called critics who never get out of their shell and consider their shallow views as final should wake up and face the reality.
    All those who wittingly or unwittingly try to underestimate Dr Faizi stand nowhere as he is an intellectual of great repute. It is not always easy to have a respectable place in the mainstream media and Faizi has learnt ropes the hard way. My sincere advice to the jealous lot is to tread in the footprints of people like Faizi instead of dusting the shoes of politicians. If you are so brave, raise a voice against the wrongdoings being committed in society day in and day out.

    1. Mr Ahmad, why you always divert the topic of discussion. Here you have gone into a long narrative of Dr Faizi. I think no Chitrali will dispute the intellectual standing of Dr Faizi. But had the letter to the newspaper been written by an ordinary person like me nobody would have cared about it. But when a man like Dr Faizi calls a building a tiny shop, we have the right to ask the reason because it is not a question of mathematics or Urdu literature that nobody except a PhD scholar can understand. If you say that the building housing the NBP in Chitral is a tiny shop, then go and see by yourself and tell us who is right and who is wrong.

  10. Dr. Faizi has become too much land lover these days, so he has tried to measure the sanctioned land for NBP Chitral. Actually, nowadays he is using his pen for someone’s happiness. Recently, we have heard that Dr. Faizi got a land in Balach from our respectable Mehtar. So we can say materialistic world has tightened his thinking between all these chores. Don’t worry Dr. Sahib, Chitral town is still too much precious than Balim Laspur for establishing the NBP. So authorities should utilize the land through proper way.

  11. The writer of the letter in the Dawn newspaper can’t be other than Dr Faizi because before publishing any letter Dawn gets proper verification of the sender including getting his CNIC and telephone numbers. Dr Faizi should come forward and clear his stance now. Otherwise people will lose confidence in the writings of intellectuals.

  12. I regularly visit the new National Bank. It is more spacious compared to the old building although it is a temporary arrangement. It is situated at the best location. Why did Dr Inayatullah Faizi write in the Dawn newspaper calling it a tiny shop and a cabin is not understandable.

  13. Please refer to the letter about the building. Dr Inayatullah Faizi has written that the bank is housed in a tiny shop and the strongroom set up in a cabin. He might be 100 per cent right, because those who have provided him the information and requested him to write some article might have given him that information which turns out to be wrong. I have not seen the building myself but the comments on the letter have said so, and Dr Faizi has not come out with his clarification. Secondly, how a bank like the NBP can be housed on the upper floor of a tiny shop that too in Chitral?

  14. In the light of the letter written to ‘Dawn’ newspaper about National Bank Chitral branch, by Dr Inayatullah Faizi, and the ensuing comment by Wg Cdr Fardad Ali Shah, (who is probably owner of the building), I visited the bank to see for myself. Unfortunately, what Dr Faizi has stated about the size of the bank as a tiny shop is unbelievable. It is a huge bank spread over more than one Kanal space on the upper floor of the Super Market Chitral. The interior needs up-gradation, but there is no doubt about the bank’s big size. I can’t believe that this misinformatory letter to Dawn Newspaper has been written by a prominent columnist like Dr Inayatullah Faizi. It must be someone else who has used his name. Dr Faizi must clarify his position in the Dawn newspaper otherwise the credibility of his intellectual honesty could be badly jeopardized.

  15. I had a very good regard of Dr Inayatullah Faizi. But I do not know how he has come out against the NBP building. Anyway it must be a temporary arrangement by the bank but I have seen the building which Dr Faizi has declared a tiny shop. The best I can say is that the wording he has used is totally injustice with the fact. Hope Dr Faizi will come out and clarify his position.

  16. Doctor Faizi should not create misunderstanding about any institution as he has done by declaring 5,500 feet building as a cabin. It is a total misjudgment as mentioned by Mr. Fardad. We appreciate your writing in one of the papers but it doesn’t meant that every word of you can be taken as authentic as has been proved in your latest false letter report. So be positive and an accurate analyst.

  17. No doubt NBP in Chitral, like every bank should have it’s own premises. However, the statement in this context by Dr Inayatullah Faizi, saying “Now the government treasury and the NBP are housed in the upper story of a tiny shop and the strong room is housed in a cabin” is far from truth. In fact, the NBP is housed on the entire first floor of a prime market adjacent to the demolished old bank building. The present NBP premise area is 5,500 square feet, which I think cannot be called ‘a tiny shop’ by any standard. The banking hall and waiting area are much more spacious than the previous premises which is appreciated by hundreds of users every day. The government treasury is housed in a 700 Sq ft solid concrete structure on the ground floor beneath the banking hall, the safest possible arrangement possible any where, and not a ‘cabin’ as observed by the worthy doctor sahib. I suggest he make a visit to the premises and if he has done so before, do it again with an open heart, and if need be, write again. — Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah, Chitral.

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