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MNA's advice to tunnel users

CHITRAL, Dec 1: Member National Assembly (MNA) Shahzada Mahiuddin Friday asked the transporters not to ply vehicles through the under-construction Lowari Tunnel without the permissible schedule as the journey inside the incomplete tunnel could prove harmful for the travellers. Addressing a press conference here on Friday, he asked the transporters plying vehicles between Islamabad-Chitral and Peshawar-Chitral not to endanger the lives of passengers while driving their vehicles through the under-construction tunnel during the working hours. He added the authorities had only allowed traffic through the Lowari Tunnel on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during a week for four hours only as the contractors were busy completing the remaining work. The legislator said illegal movement of vehicles could pose threat to the lives of the passengers as the engineers, construction supervisors and labourers were busy in the construction work inside the tunnel.–The News]]>

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  1. Arsalan says

    MNA’s advice to tunnel users reminds me of Rehman Malik’s advice to mobile phone users. In both cases the advice is “DON’T USE IT”. Instead of making the tunnel available to users on a daily basis, the MNA is saying don’t travel four days a week. This is the present government’s method of solving problems – cut the head to cure the headache.

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