Bid to smuggle hashish to Chitral foiled

DROSH: Police here foiled an attempt to smuggle a huge quantity of hashish to Chitral and arrested two inter-district smugglers hailing from upper Dir.

Subdivisional police officer Drosh circle, Mohammad Khalid, said interrogation of the culprits will help smash the network of the drug smugglers. In the jurisdiction of Ayun police station, he said, the smuggling of locally distilled wine from the Kalash valley of Rumbur to Chitral city through the mountainous routes of Orghoch hills was foiled.

He said that zero tolerance is shown to the drug menace for which the district police officer Abdur Rashid Khan has formulated a strategy to weed out the drug pushers and their dens in the district. Mr. Khalid said that the police force in the district has been mobilized to have a close and vigilant eye on the activities of the drug pushers.

It may be noted that the people of Chitral have been complaining against the police for its failure to check drug peddling in the town. Recently, the Chitral Scouts had to raid an alleged den of narcotics but the accused escaped before the raid.

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  1. Culprits of such crimes should be given exemplary punishment. The law enforcing agencies should be loyal and try their best to eliminate such happenings so that no one in future can commit such a crime.
    Luckily, we Chitralis are peaceful and majority of us are safe from using drugs. Nowadays the trend to use drug is increasing. Smoking and drinking is just used as a fashion. If we create awareness among the people and engage them in healthy activities, they will never indulge in such activities. Sometimes frustration forces them to use drugs. Providing proper guidance and solutions to them will rid society of the menace.

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