Garam Chashma Diary: Army officer given warm send-off


GARAM CHASHMA, Dec 1: Lt.Colonel  Nazir Hussain, Commanding Officer of the Garam Chashma wing of Chitral Scouts, was accorded warm and emotional send-off by the force and local notables on his transfer to GHQ Rawalpindi . The entire route to the venue was tastefully decorated. Despite his short stint as CO, Col Nazir became immensely popular with locals for his deep interest in the welfare of the people and active participation in uplift projects to make Garam Chashma as ultimate tourist destination. His intercession in local issues involving welfare of the dependents of shuhada and compensation matters saved families from breaking up and costs of needless litigations. President Aga Khan Council Fazal Hamid and development  activists led by Shahzada Amanur Rehman who holds most property in Garam Chashma town, extended full cooperation to him in his efforts to beautify the market area, improve its physical ambiance, solid waste management and  facelift to safety measures in the sensitive border area having a mosaic of sects and races, who have lived together in exemplary peace for centuries. In his farewell address, Col Nazir thanked the people for their cooperation and hoped that this would continue with his successor, Col Sarfaraz Malik who brings varied and useful experience  to handle contemporary problems threatening peace in our beloved country. He said that peace was the greatest asset of Garam Chashma and it must be preserved at all costs. He said that he will never forget the hospitality and the memories of his stay in Garam Chahma and would do whatever he could for the betterment of the area. Speaking on behalf of the local community, Amanur Rehman and Council President Fazal Hamid thanked Col Nazir for his services and assured full cooperation to his successor. Amanur Rehman gave update on the steps he was taking to develop the market area which included the much needed and long delayed link road for Cheerwill, shifting of bus stand to a better and safer place, construction of economical hotel for low income groups, construction of ladies shopping mall, sports stadium, public toilets, sewerage system and infrastructure for new banks like NBP and Soneri Bank who have decided to open branches here provided they get required accommodation.  He urged locals to invest in their home town for fast track development. Col Sarfaraz, the new CO made it clear that he would continue the good work started by his predecessor and would show zero tolerance to those who would try to disturb peace in the valley. After the formal ceremony, the participants were entertained with traditional music and local farewell dance number which was participated by all quests and was led by Col Nazir which showed his love and ownership of Chitrali culture.]]>

  1. Nisar Ahmad Shah-Garam Chashma says

    A headline on “The Telegraph UK” on 26 Mar 2012 read like this: “Pakistan deputy attorney-general to clean shoes at Amritsar Golden Temple.”
    Sometimes “big” people do “tiny” job. It would be better to think what is being done and why, than who is doing it. If a colonel after fulfilling his basic job “security of the people” instead of enjoying dinners with a prince or a bureaucrat, helps the people in beautifying a remote area; for me he is actually beautifying Pakistan and truly deserves 21-gun salute. You must know “Sindh ki Khidmat Pakistan ki khidmat.”
    By the way “visiting some retired bureaucrats or Shahzadas to have a cup of tea” is not even a bad idea. Ronald Reagen – the 40th president of America, once said: “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”
    Lotkuho-Nan: A friend from GB told me a story when he had a chance to visit Nan with a foreigner. In his case too ‘Nan’s prediction’ was true as yours. One of my favorite writers Irfan Husain wrote about somehow a relevant topic but not about Nan.
    Your story regarding ‘beautiful angel’ was really touching. A Chitrali poet would say in such a situation:
    “Deti hulaaye poreitam awa tan betab arzuaan,
    Na khio afas ma boyan na khyote arman hanese
    Zindagee pong peseru ta waslo armana box hot,
    Ishmar kori anguman behcheru lamhan hanese.
    Ta hostar cherdu awa weshetur patango missal,
    Alar ma kuye ke awaaye nasibo tez gaan hanese.
    Mayon chulli ta luwan deko chucho shipnashepya,
    Ma ta posheko gurum no boi bedarman hanese.”
    I hope for any omission or addition the poet will pardon me!

  2. Afzal, Islamabad says

    Mr Islamuddin, an excellent retired bureaucrat and a man of his own might, always lived a life in his own great style. He, however, surprised me today after he left no stone unturned in highlighting a tiny job of a union council nazim level done by a military colonel.
    It becomes obvious from his article that Lotkohi must have decorated the colonel with the highest award if there could have been any, but unfortunately there was none. They appreciated his efforts at a degree of 21-gun salute.
    The colonel must be getting bored as for a new guy spending his time in an area surrounded by the tall mountains, it becomes really difficult to sit idle. In Garam Chashma, a colonel has nothing else to do except launching a cleanliness drive, beautifying the dusty bazar etc.
    These military men are trained like that who can adjust themselves even they are sent to Siachen glacier. They have to engage themselves and their jawans in such activities to keep them busy and active and this case is no different because there is no social activity particularly in winter. You have to confine yourself in a room or go for swimming at a swimming pool built by channelling down the hot spring water of Garam Chashma at a local hotel owned by a prince.
    During my visit to the area last year, a local told me that most of the outsiders posted in the area usually get bored. They have nothing to do except visiting some retired bureaucrats or Shahzadas to have a cup of tea in the afternoon to kill their time.
    There also lives a lady, who does wonders. She is known as Lotkuho Naan. Mr Islamuddin can better inform us about such people as many prominent names in Chitral usually visit her [the list of the persons including names will be disclosed later].
    I also had the opportunity to meet her. My first question to her was whether I’ll marry my dream girl or not. She politely addressed me, saying: “Look you will get her after a long wait because she is a woman with two destiny.”
    Her answer hit me straight at the heart. I promptly said, “I will never let it happen.” I was not ready to trust her unless the doomsday occurred when the angel was married off with a boy despite stiff resistance from my side.
    I am still waiting and her prediction is yet to be materialized, so let’s see what cat comes out from the bag. We would love to hear from Mr Islamuddin about these interesting people, who may lead some people in the wrong direction if went unnoticed.

  3. Nisar Ahmad Shah says

    We salute Chitral Scouts, the army, border levies and Chitral police for their efforts and sacrifices in maintaining peace and securing our borders!

  4. A Rehmnan Nasrali says

    We pay heartiest gratitude to those who are working for upliftment of Garam Chashma. Armed forces should always be appreciated for their good work especially in infrastructural development in addition to their core role of defense. We are craving when Garam Chashma Road will be handed over to FWO instead of the contractors as it seems that its budget will not properly be utilized by these fraudulent people as usual. Secondly, we do appreciate the role of the media and freelance writers who are highlighting the issues of the area.

  5. Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim says

    We the inhabitants of Garam Chashma present our heartily tribute to Col Nazir, and we are thankful to him for his services for our area. I am also thankful to Mr Islamuddin to highlight such people who are sincere to our area.
    I believe that the cooperation of locals will always be with the army personals, as they are rendering their services. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the people.

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