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  1. I would like to ask Mr Junaid why he opted to go to Syurj Public School instead of preferring a school established by his own grandfather. This govt facility is only for those helpless, poorest of the poor, who could not afford English medium public schools. I am sure these princes do not even bother to look towards this school as they did in the case of the historic Shahi Masjid. They came up with condemnation after its pillars were blown up. If you claim that something belongs to you, you should play your due role to protect it. The princes also take pride in GHs Chitral but never thought to upgrade it.

  2. @Junaid Saleh Hayat: Tell me one thing that how many children belonging to the royal family are currently studying at the Govt High School Chitral founded by the Mehtar, about which you have been talking about in almost all the comments. This is the only school which the mehter established. Why you are hesitant to speak about the underground prisons still intact in the Chitral Fort.

    1. @Afzal: Chitral was a country. And remember, every country has some rules and regulations. Those who violate the law are punished and those who obey are rewarded. Why are you so surprised about underground prisons? There are prisons in every country! You do something against the Pakistani law, and you will get to see the ”underground prisons” in Peshawar, Islamabad or anywhere you wish! 🙂
      You and Wasim Dolomuts asked as why do the members of the royal family don’t study at the school established by the Mehtar. Well, the members of the royal family don’t study there, probably as a protest against the unfair naming of the school. The government instead of naming the school after the Mehtar, Nasir-ul-Mulk, as a recognition of his great work, has given it some other name which is even hard to pronounce for many people. The royal family might end their protest and start studying there, if the name of the school is changed to ”Mehtar Nasir-ul-Mulk High School Chitral”.

  3. Our king established school of modern education a hundred years back when there was no concept of education in the neighbouring areas of Chitral. If we had the Mehtarship in place, by now, we would have our own Universities!

  4. Don’t mention your past kings in this context dear Haider Ali. It was enough in the open letter to Shahzada. Don’t try to give it an ethnic colour here please.

  5. Dear sir, my request to all Kashghari brothers and sisters is that they should not comment on dead issues and not be personal. Believe me, it gives nothing to us as a nation except creating hate among us. If somebody is bad you should be good. None of us was there to say that the situation was that much bad. Islam says that until you hear or see anything with your own eyes do not believe or make opinions. We should be proud of our past when we had our own kings, Persian as our official language and Khowar as our mother tongue. We all are one Kasgharis, we should love and respect each other. Try to make, not to break.

  6. Dear sir, Chitral is an ideal district for education because the people are really eager to learn but unfortunately the government has failed to provide facility to these peaceful people. I cannot find any cadet college in this district. I cannot see any board of intermediate and secondary education in this huge district. A Chitrali student spends all its property for education by migrating to far-away places in Pakistan. Every government official and minister when comes to Chitral, they promise to make it a model district. Now the people of Chitral have started demanding for a university.The government of KPK has already bought land in Zhoughoor in Chitral so I request the chief minister to announce the establishment the University of Kashgharistan which was also the original name of the area.

    1. Very well said Mr Haider Ali. Chitral is in the dire need of a university and we all the students are united for this noble cause. Let us mobilize all the Chitrali students around the globe for this purpose. Hopefully, we will get a university in this peaceful land, where people value high education.

  7. It is a fact that Chitral has been discriminated against in all fields. Otherwise it could not have been possible to keep our people deprived of education. It is strange that there is no university in whole Chitral. It is a conspiracy to keep us backward and dependent on others. The younger generation should raise voice against such injustices.
    Nadir Khan

    1. Thanks Mr Nadir Khan! It is you and me who can make the students think about this issue. By the grace of Almighty Allah, majority of Chitrali youth is well-educated and know all the situation. We should take some initiatives by using our newspapers and publishing letters to the authorities to bring this into their notice. In this way, our representatives of Chitral also will play their role. I know what sort of difficulties students are facing after getting admission to universities of Karachi. Do share your opinion in this regard too.

  8. Education is the need of the time. Education can only be promoted through establishment of good quality institutions. Education can be provided through different educational instituions where university is high seat of learning and is the need of the time. It’s a good idea to build a fully-fledged university incCitral. It will change the mind set of people too.

    1. I acknowledge your comment given on this letter. A fully-fledged university is the need of the time as nations develop only by getting quality education. It’s our bad luck that even in this modern era, we don’t have a university in our area.

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