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Afghan intruders snatch away hundreds of goats

According to local sources, one Gujor man was injured and another was kidnapped. Local sources told this scribe that some 60 unknown people equipped with guns from across the border entered the high pasture. They were properly from Nooristanprovinceof  Afghanistan. When this reporter approached one of the victims in Brun village, he said: “Three families have fallen victim to this incident, including a Kalasha family named Shaidin, father of Imran, and his brothers and two families from Gujor community.” Some 600 goats have been snatched from the shepherds and taken towards Nooristan at about 1pm today. When asked about reaction of the villagers, they said dozens of men were left to rescue the goats and a man from the terrorist. In 2009 a similar incident occurred in Rukmu valley with the family of Mutimir. But they followed and rescued their goats after fighting with the rubbers in Nooristan and brought their goats back to the valley and there were no news of any injuries to human. The victim family through telephonic conversation with this reporter confirmed that the intruders failed to take goats into Nooristan. When they saw some people, they left the goats on the top and released the Gujor man as well. They also confirmed that Panaw Kalash, a shepherd, sustained injuries while trying to run away from intruders.]]>

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  1. Luke Rehmat says

    It’s to clarify that the Afghans who snatched away scores of goats from Kalash valley into the Afghan area the other day were not militants but just intruders. According to local sources, the intruders pretended that they had left the goats and released the shepherds earlier on August 6. On August 7, everyone became relaxed when the ersidents were assured that everything was safe.
    The injured Panaw is discharged from hospital after treatments and he is fine and the Gujur man Aman is also okay. But the intruders cheated the local Nooristani tribe called Sheikhan people living between Nooristan and Pakistan border.
    Sources told this reporter that the goats were taken via Shawal pass into Nooristan. Some media reported that Pakistani security forces had started search operation to hunt down the militants, actually there were no militants in the forest they were just rubbers coming there to steal goats from shepherds.
    Local people and shepherds are seen complaining against forces that they did not cooperate with the locals, sources added that when some people approached them and asked for help they rejected saying that they cannot help the local people until they have any order from high-ups.
    One of the shepherds said the Afghan intruders were speaking Pashto language.

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