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The annual Qaqlast Festival that I saw

About seventy teams took part in the event.  Mujgol won by cricket 31 runs from Reshun and Reshun won football from Buni. Many other cultural games performed by the local sports men especially by the old bloods like Shemani Zhingak, Shit Pasik by old guns, Falcon Prey, Ghaluchun Ghal etc. Mushaira was fantastic because most of our youth poet participated and their way of presenting was extremely outstanding and heart touching. Everyone enjoyed a lot really. These were also profitable days for the local businessmen. CHEPS, a group of youths, was very active during this festival for keeping the eye-catching Qaqlasht clean. But, I think having bags by Cheps member for collecting plastic and waste material isn’t effective but dust bins should be arranged in every ten footsteps particularly in canteens area. Definitely, our people will use them and also will be easy to collect and to dispose them off. We need to support and corporate such fruitful minds who are helpful for the society and environment. We must appreciate Mr. Rehmat Ali belongs to Buni the founder of CHEPS for his nice commitment to make milieu clean. But, unluckily large number of the crowd couldn’t watch the ending ceremony and fetched the belongings and went their homes because it was getting too dark. People started returning back during polo.   It happened due to a little bit lack of time management. At least, few matches would be played on the day of final so, much time would remained for the ending presentation because dark was ready to be spread and it was getting late for the crowds to reach their homes particularly the guests who came from the lower Chitral.  It would be tastiest if the whole crowd attended presentation ceremony and the wining captains and their joyous players received their trophies with high echoes of claps. Every captain wishes to receive in front of big masses. At last, I hope my suggestion will be taken positively and wish for the betterment in the upcoming Qaqlasht gala. We also must thank the security forces to ensured safety to the masses.–Munir Hussyn Fatimi  ]]>

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