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Govt slammed for unresolved issues of Chitral

M. Irshadullah Khan 

PESHAWAR: PPP leader and former provincial minister Saleem Khan expressed grave concern over the lack of facilities in Chitral due to the apathy of the PTI government.

Despite repeated appeals, the provincial government has failed to address Chitral’s pressing issues, including deteriorating road infrastructure and stalled development projects, he said at a press conference in Peshawar.

Saleem Khan highlighted the stalled Garam Chashma road project. He urged the prime minister and president of Pakistan to intervene and revive the project, warning of protests if the government failed to take action.

The former minister also appealed to the federal government to prioritize the resolution of Chitral’s issues, citing the postponement of tax implementation as a relief to the residents of Malakand Division. He regretted the cancellation of the Shandur polo festival, which has caused significant financial losses to investors.

He demanded that the provincial government take immediate steps to organize the festival and revive the district’s economy. 

He also warned that protests would be inevitable if the government continued to neglect Chitral.

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  1. Anonymous says

    During two periods of PPP govts Lowari tunnel funds were diverted to Multan and Gujar khan from where PPP PMs hailed. Saleem sahib was minister then. ‘yeh sab aik hi khait kay mooli hain’

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