Shahzada Khalid Pervez quits as tehsil council chairman

Shahzada Pervez parts ways with PPP to join Khattak’s new party

CHITRAL: Shahzada Khalid Pervez has decided to quit as chairman of Tehsil Council Drosh and also resign from the basic membership of the PPP.

At an advisory meeting called at his residence, Shahzad Pervez said he decided to quit the post and the PPP after the provincial government did not allocate funds for his area.

He said he had now decided to join the new PTI Parliamentarians party of former KP chief minister Pervez Khattak and serve the people of his area. He said the previous government despite making promises neither empowered the local government system nor provided funds to the elected representatives.

He said he had taken the decision to leave the PPP and join the new party of Pervez Khattak in the best interest of the people of the people of his area from Arandu to Garam Chashma.

Shahzada Pervez had joined the PPP a few years back and was elected as the chairman of the Tehsil Council in the 2022 local government elections.

He is son of late veteran parliamentarian and four-time MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin and younger brother of PML-N leader and ex-MNA Shahzad Iftikhar Uddin. 

It has been learnt that Shahzada Pervez will be given ticket by the new party for the seat of PK-2 Lower Chitral in the forthcoming general elections. 

From Upper Chitral, another PPP leader and former MPA Ghulam Muhammad is set to join the new party of Pervez Khattak.

It is learnt that he would be allotted ticket by the new party for the provincial assembly seat of PK-1, Upper Chitral.

Ghulam Muhammad had also joined the PPP about six years ago. 

One Reply to “Shahzada Pervez parts ways with PPP to join Khattak’s new party”

  1. My dear Shehzada Khalid Pervez,

    I would say the BEST decision. I would also urge Haji Ghulam Muhammad to follow the suit. The reason is: both you and Haji sb are political orphans. You both have no political ideology. The sole prupose of what you people are doing is nothing but moving from one party to another in order to protect your busniesses through these tactics. A tiny pressure group will help you in flourishing your businesses especially timber. At this point of time if you are close to the people who are calling the shots will pay off in protecting your businesses.

    And my emssage to the people of Chitral is that No One let me repeat NO One should ever vote for either Khalid Pervez or Ghulam Muhamamd. They duo have faield to do anything for the rundown district which has now been divided into two, except protecting their business interests.

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