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Light in the tunnel

It has been more than two years; we have been experiencing the worst era of this century, in which we have seen a pandemic, mass-suicides, natural disasters, rape, child killing, forced marriages, extremism, terrorism, and many other such gloomy events. The youth of this country are contracting mental illnesses due to the economic turmoil, political instability, unemployment, mushrooming despondency, and increasing inflation.

After celebrating 76 years of independence for our country, we find ourselves standing where we had started. Despite being an agricultural country, we are on the brink of a food emergency. Due to the selfish nature of our politicians, who are bent on feathering their own nests, we, especially the youth, which makes up 60 percent of the total population, haven’t been able to find the tunnel at the end of which there used to be a light.
The children of the elite class are leaving the country, the middle class is living a hand-to-mouth life, but the lower-middle class is not finding any serene place even to breathe. Now, we are losing that scintilla of hope due to the vast darkness.
This situation worsens the condition of the people living in far-flung places, which are already devoid of basic facilities hitherto. Anxiety, depression, and crimes, etc., have become prevalent. Not finding any solution and leeway to change the deteriorating condition of our country is further adding salt to our injuries.
If providing any light isn’t possible or paving the path for the young generation is not in the hands of our kingpins,  at least give us the tunnel so we can walk toward the light in hope.
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  1. شیر ولی خان اسیر says

    A sum of the overall condition of our beloved country. Well written.

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