No intention of revenge in mind: Nawaz

No intention of revenge, says Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: Soon after his arrival after four years of self-exile in UK, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed a huge public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore and said he had no plan to take revenge but wanted to see his people and country prosper and develop.

He narrated the details of what he said false cases and victimization against him and his family after his illegal removal from power over five years back. He said while in power he worked day and night and resolved public issues including over 18 hours daily power outages, but he and his brother, daughter and nephews were framed in false cases. 

He said some wounds never heal and that wealth of this life may go away and come back to you with the blessings of God but the loved ones who passed away never come back.

“I have come with a mission to get you awake and work for the development and progress of the country. We have to work for restoring the prestige of the country in the country. We have to mend our ties with our neighbors and the world. We cannot progress by fighting with our neighbors.”

The former prime minister said his government had put the country on path of development and progress but he was removed from power after which the country started facing one crisis after the other.  The rupee was strong against the dollar and prices were stable and employment was available for the working class.

He said after six years he was addressing his people and wanted to tell the nation that the interests of Pakistan were always supreme for him. He said over 200 per cent increase in prices of commodities and tariffs of electricity started after removal of his government.

A common man who was paying just Rs1,300 as a monthly power bill when he was the prime minister was now being forced to pay Rs15,000 for the same electricity.

He said he was now ready to work for the betterment of the nation by joining hands with all those who had an interest in development of the country. We have to start a new journey  to ensure rule of law and supremacy of the constitution.

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