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Reconstruction of flood-damaged protection wall underway on Garam Chashma road

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: Due to the torrential rains this year, the floods in nullas Chitral blocked the water flow in rivers at different areas, which led to mass destruction.

On Garam Chashma road, there is a dangerous turning point at Singoor village where a safety wall had been built to protect the road and the surrounding population from floods. But it was also washed away due to flash floods this year.

In the same blind turn, the river flows on one side while flood in a nullah from mountain also causes destruction to the road.

The drainage causes such a high level of floods that the water reaches the bridge. A protection wall is being constructed on the roadside toward the river now and the nullah at this point by the National Highway Authority’s maintenance section.

And the safety wall that had been destroyed due to the flood on the river will be rebuilt when the water level decreases. 

The construction of this safety wall will not only protect the houses situated on the river bank but will also save private land and shops, as well as the Garam Chashma road.



Local people say that during the  expansion and construction of Chitral-Booni road, the contractor dropped large stones, boulders and whole debris into the Chitral river, causing the river to block also block the flow of river Latakoh at a junction where the two rivers meet near Singor hydro power house.

As a result the hydro power house of one megawatt drowned in water and totally damaged. During flash flood in Mastuj river water carried these boulders, stones and debris from Kari and other areas which were put by contractor in river which dumped in front of the river Lutkoh, and at the same junction, water of river Lutkoh water entered in Singor hydro power plant which is still out of order and damaged and people are deprived from electricity.

Social and political circle of Chitral also demand that the safety of the lives and property of the people should be ensured by building protection walls, on river bank on the road side.

It should be noted that Chitral is a tourist district and thousands of tourists come here every year, but due to the poor condition of the roads, these tourists often face difficulties. 

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