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Two die in collision between motorcycles

CHITRAL: Two persons lost their lives in a collision between two motorcycles on the 32 feet wide Chitral-Peshawar road in Saeedabad (Ispagh Lasht) on Friday.

Rescue 1122 Lower Chitral said one person was also injured in the crash that was a result of rash driving. 

The two bikes collided head-on due to speeding, locals confirmed to ChitralToday. Soon after the crash, two of the bike riders were shifted to the DHQ hospital Chitral where they died. The other injured was taken to the THQ hospital in Drosh.

The deceased were identified as Nabi Ahmed, son of Ghulam Khan, of Gaang (Gahiret), and Hayatullah, son of Malang Jan of Shedi, Gahiret.

Fatal accidents involving motorcycles have become frequent across Chitral due to different reasons, mainly rash driving, underage driving and driving without using helmets.

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  1. Asif says

    Motor cycle riders are generally very rash and careless. Helmets should be made compulsory and strictly implemented with heavy fine on violators and overspeeders. Danda is the best solution for this problem.

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