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Flash flood devastates Meragram village of Yarkhun

MERAGRAM (YARKHUN): At about 5am on Friday, a flash flood in a dry nullah wiped out almost half of the Meragram No 2 village. 

However, fortunately, the local people managed to fee to safety. When the flood in Darkot Gol struck the village, there was no rain but the locals suspected cloudburst or lightning over the mountain might have triggered the flooding. 

According to an early estimate shared with Chitral Today by a volunteer, the locals have suffered losses in terms of destruction to houses, croplands and orchards etc. worth millions of rupees.  The volunteer said eight houses had been fully and 12 partially damaged in the deluge. 

Moreover, 10 shops were also washed away, and the residents were forced to stay under the open sky out of the village.

The affected people urgently need assistance such as tents and other relief items, said the volunteer.

Meanwhile, flash flood in Grovur Gol also washed away two mini-dams and supply lines of a powerhouse, cutting of electricity supply to Mahting, Khruzg, Dizg and Istach villages.  

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