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NADRA centre’s incharge questioned over public complaints

BOONI: A senior official of the district administration of Upper Chitral visited the NADRA office in Booni and questioned its incharge over recent public complaints.

The step was taken on the direction of Deputy Commissioner Khalid Zaman after complaints that the staff at the NADRA office misbehaved with applicants for national identity cards. They were also accused of forcing the applicants to buy Jazz sim before applying for getting registered with the national database.

However, when additional deputy commissioner Fidaul Karim met the incharge and questioned him about the complaints, the latter denied it. The NADRA centre incharge claimed that the visitors were dealt with in a professional manner and their applications were processed through proper channel.

As far as the complaint about asking the applicants about a particular sim, he said there was no truth at all. The incharge however admitted that the applicants were advised to go for Jazz sim as its internet service was better compared to others, so that they would not face any difficulty in receiving messages from NADRA.

The district administration said citizens should first get all facts checked before filing complaints against any government departments. If anyone has evidence about negligence or any other complaint against any official, they should personally visit the office of the deputy commissioner for redress of the issue quickly.

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