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Horse rider falls into Chitral river from Chew bridge

CHITRAL: A young horse rider fell into the Chitral river from Chew Bridge while coming to Chitral town at about 3:30pm on Friday, after the animal jumped up  and ran away seeing a truck coming from the opposite direction.

According to the Lower Chitral police, the missing youth has been identified as Owais Ayubi, son of Sher Akbar, a resident of Mroi lower and student of Chitral University. Akbar is a player of the Chitral polo team. 

The police said the horse ran off towards the airport side and was caught in Balach. Local people and Rescue 1122 started searching along the river to recover the body. 

A tournament of polo is underway in the polo ground of Chitral town to select players for the annual Shandur festival on June 7-9. The district administration, meanwhile, announced to cancelled all the matches of the tournament scheduled for June 17.

Rescue 1122 on Friday night said its efforts to recover the body remained unsuccessful and would be relaunched on Saturday morning. 

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