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Not afraid of arrest after joining PTI: Bibi Jan

PESHAWAR: Bibi Jan, who recently parted ways with the PML-N and joined the PTI of embattled Imran Khan, today said she was not afraid of being arrested and will continue fighting for the rights of women.

She also said she did not join the PTI for the sake of ticket in the elections but was willing to be a worker of the party.

Bibi Jan was president of the women’s wing of the PML-N Chitral and later headed the women’s wing of the party’s Malakand Division chapter. In 2012, she was in the People’s Student Federation (PSF) Chitral but resigned from the party. 

She had played a leading role in mobilizing women voters for elections through door-to-door campaigns. However, she lamented that the current PML-N leadership “lacks political acumen” that’s why she left the party.

Talking to the media in Peshawar today, BiBi Jan said the PTI chairman was fighting for the betterment of the nation.

The reason for my ending the 10-year association with the PML-N was Maryam Nawaz’s statement in which she called Pakhtuns as terrorists.

She said the incidents of May 9 were reprehensible and Imran Khan has himself demanded a transparent investigation.–Irshad Ullah Khan 

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Brave lady.

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