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The life you save can be your own

Fariha Afsar

The life you save can be your own. Isn’t it interesting? Most of you won’t agree but I’m a huge supporter of the above-stated sentence.

It was the time when I was in college. We were in class and our teacher was teaching a very important topic of biology. All of a sudden the school building started shaking violently, which made our brains shake and we realized it was an earthquake.

We started shouting and some even wept. Meanwhile, a familiar voice told us to run; so we ran and went down the lawn, by that time the earthquake had stopped. But our teacher was nowhere to be found. We got back to class and after a few minutes our loyal teacher arrived asking, “Are you okay kids? ” 

We were literally freaking out, so we poured all of our anger on our teacher. Saying how could he abandon us in that crisis, he could have helped us in getting out of the class but he was the first to disappear on the spot at the time of crisis. But our teacher said calmly: “Students if I would not be able to save myself first then I won’t be able to save anyone of you.” His remark seemed stupid and selfish back then, but now I honestly believe he said the right thing.

In our lives, we sacrifice ourselves for others, not thinking about our own selves. It’s good to be that kind of person and sometimes it gets necessary as well, but to dedicate your every sweat for others is not good at all. There should be a balance in your every act, if not, then what would be the purpose of your existence? Are you only made for others? If you’re groaning in pain, isn’t it important for you to take rest or do you believe that you would rather die than rest? If your answer is affirmative then you’re a pathetic person.

Whatever you’re doing for other people, the most important thing is that first, you should give importance to your well-being. Sometimes we get so obsessed about our near and dear that in the process of grooming them our own physical and mental health disintegrate.

This point is especially applicable on parents who get oblivious about their health while taking care of their kids and family. Don’t you even know if you won’t be alive that every child will experience a living hell in life? This is a living fact that you can’t give something which you don’t have in the first place.So if you’re mooning over others in the name of taking care, love or grooming then you need to have all these for your own selves first.  

The same advice is for each and everyone. Don’t get too indulge in the service of others that when you reflect on yourself you only find bones and ashes.


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