Entry fee toll tax to Kalash valleys

Entry fee for tourists to Kalash valleys doubled

CHITRAL: The district administration has increased the fee for entry of tourists to Kalash valleys from Rs250 to Rs500 from May 5. 

A large number of tourists are expected to visit the three valleys on the occasion of the annual Chilim Josh festival from May 13 to May 17.

An official collecting the entry fee at Dubash check post earlier told ChitralToday that the amount collected from tourists was utilized for the development of the area. 

Chitralis are however excepted from the entry fee.

According to a notification issued by the district administration of Lower Chitral, foreigners would be charged Rs1,500 per individual and residents of KP province Rs250 each.

The entry of children aged below 10 years will ve free.A visitor said charging entry fee at different rate based on one’s domicile was discriminatory.

He said no where in Pakistan a fee for entry yo a recreational place was different for local and non-locals except foreigners.-&GH Farooqui 



3 Replies to “Entry fee for tourists to Kalash valleys doubled”

  1. Public should know where this money which amounts to hundreds of millions since the tax was imposed, been spent. I’m sure there would be no trace of it.

  2. There should be no discrimination between locals and non locals except for residents of the valleys. For foreigners the charges can be high because their currency is much higher than our dead currency and they can afford it. But the more important part is that this money must be accounted for and audited strictly.

  3. This a very good step by the government. Better would be charging higher from the local tourist including Chitral, and domestic tourists from down country. They are creating nuisance for the indigenous Kalash people by harassing them and spreading rumors about them. Specially the youtubers and vloggers say fake things only to increase their viewership.

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