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PIA will schedule flights to Chitral

ISLAMABAD, April 19 (APP): Parliamentary Secretary for Railways Kiran Imran Dar on Wednesday informed the National Assembly that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights would be scheduled to Chitral with an increase in passengers’ traffic load.

In response to a calling attention notice about the non-inclusion of Chitral in tourist spots in the flight schedule of PIA issued in March raised by Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, she said that PIA’s flight schedule was linked with passengers’ traffic load. Flights were scheduled in the months of May to August last year owing to the increase in the traffic load of tourists.

Earlier, raising the calling attention notice, Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali said that tourists also visited Chitral in winter but no flight was scheduled. Earlier, PIA operated flights daily on Peshawar and Chitral route in 1972 but later was discontinued, he added.

He also demanded that flights should also be operated on Chitral and Tajikistan routes.

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  1. Shafiq says

    ‘Parliamentary Secretary for railways saying PIA flights to Chitral will be scheduled with an increase in passenger load’. Can it get more vague and more absurd than this?

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