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IK yet to learn lessons on democracy

Elahi Bakhsh

IK has again called upon  the ‘institution’ to interfere and save Pakistan from “the impending catastrophe”.

This is the only, and apparently most vivid, negative aspect of his political struggle that he has been perpetuating despite shedding a lot of other infamous traits lately.

It is negatively affecting his repute as a leader among the progressive section of educated youth. The audio controversy has also shaken his public image but this one might take a hefty toll on his victory prospects in upcoming elections. He has to come out of this ill-conceived rhetoric to prove that he truly believes in democratic process, however autocratic that may seem right now.

“Democracy is the best revenge” they say. The statement may seem clichéd but it is true to its meaning. The only way that you will be going to win, is when you uphold the democratic principles and thereby win people’s hearts. The institution, which is now state itself to bluntly put, doesn’t want to help you the way you think it should. Doing that will put the institution’s already tarnished repute in jeopardy.

Even if it does so, that will be tantamount to degrading the democratic process in the first place, let alone the trust of demos that you will be shattering with having the institution intervening in political matters.

If it is the wrath of PDM that is hurting you and putting your political career at stake, thereby making you anxious, then you can turn to courts and electorate with the same vigor and zeal that you are looking at the ‘institution’ with.

That will help in keeping your democratic image intact and not turn the academia and media against you. And who knows, you might get a 2/3 majority in the assemblies across the country.

The act of taking help from the institution comes at a cost. And who knows better than you what the price turns out to be at the end of the day. It is better that you stick with your electorate, who embody all the political power, and the law of the land, instead of inviting the fox to guard the hen house.

The writer is Lecturer in Political Science at Govt College, Booni.

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  1. Shah Karez says

    Highly appreciated. I guess sense prevails.

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