Spurious drug seller arrested in Chitral

Man arrested for selling ‘spurious’ drugs

CHITRAL: A man was arrested on the charge of selling spurious medicines to medical stores near Children Hospital in Chitral town.

According to a social media post by the deputy commissioner (DC) office, Assistant Commissioner Adnan Haider Malooki received a complaint that spurious drugs loaded in a vehicle were being supplied to different stores outside the Children Hospital.

“Taking prompt action, the AC accompanied by drug inspector Mr Usman reached the spot and took the car into custody and arrested the salesman.”  Further legal proceeding has been initiated against the man, it added.

The DC office appealed to the citizens to inform the AC on complaint number 0943413686 in case they notice any suspicious activity against public interest.

5 Replies to “Man arrested for selling ‘spurious’ drugs”

  1. What about those who were buying these drugs،?
    Half job done always. Make a fool of public who’re already fools under the management of the wise.
    Timber smuggling seized, donkeys and trucks charged. If Robots are doing all this what about the humans operating these Robots.

  2. I am totally agreed with uncle Dr. Khalil which is a stark reality. The administration should show a zero tolerance about fake drugs as it is concerned with lives of this poor area.

    1. Agree with Dr Khalil. Without the convivance of the shopkeepers spurious drugs cannot be sold. There should be death penalty for fake drug peddling.

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