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Man arrested for poaching ibex in Yarkhun

SHOLKOCH: A resident of Sholkoch in upper Yarkhun valley was arrested for poaching an ibex in the Wasum Gol, local sources told ChitralToday on Saturday.

They said the Wildlife Department arrested Mahmood Khan when he was returning home with the hunted ibex at a bridge near Sholkoch on Friday night.

The Wildlife Department watchers led by Nizar Ali Khan and deputy ranger Israrullah arrested the suspect and also fined him Rs310,000, the sources added.
They also said Babar Khan, a carpenter by profession, was arrested on a tip-off provided by some local residents.   
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  1. Shah Karez says

    Can they arrest those who gift meat and horns to their superiors in scores annually. These are the real enemies of the wild life.

  2. Shah Ahmed says

    I know this man personally . there are many many people in that area who are professional hunters and hunt scores of ibexes every year. This man in the instant case is not professional hunter and is an amateur trekker and fond of chasing ibexes and hunted a small ibex but the other guys who kill the wild goat frequently reported him to the watchers and got him arrested.

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