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Bindugol flooding blocks flow of river; rains add to public suffering

RESHUN: Rain and flooding in streams and dry nullahs continued across Chitral, adding to the miseries of people and causing more damages to their properties.

Bindugol has again flooded and blocked the flow of the river due to which the bridge in front of Shogram is likely to ve affected cutting links between areas on both sides of the river.

The water level in the river north of the flooded gol is rising, endangering the bridge as well as some houses in Zait village.Bindugol flood in Upper Chitral

In other areas, people are facing immense hardship after their houses and other properties were washed away in floods. Around 125 houses have been destroyed in Brep and 30 in Khuz villages of Upper Chitral.

Moreover, over 15 families have become homeless in Pavur village of Yarkhun. 

In Brep, the floods in Darkhot and Chikan gols have accumulated debris and boulders on its passageways down to the river and in case of more rains floods could also hit the remaining areas in the village.Shops, a utility store and a petrol pump have already been burned under mud.

Meanwhile, roads in all parts of Chitral have either been damaged by floods or washed away by the river causing inaccessibility to the affected areas.

Floods block roads in ChitralFlooding in nullahs caused by torential rains also blocked the Chitral-Peshawar road in Asuret and Drosh, stranding a large number of people on the road.

However, the district administration said the NHA was using machinery to clear the blockades at different points and reopen the road for traffic.

The removal of boulders was also underway from the road between Denin and Gahtak, it added.

In Mudan village of Garam Chashma, flash floods damaged houses, a mosque and standing crops.

Moreover, continuous flooding in streams has damaged water supply lines and hydel powerhouses, mostly in Yarkhun and Laspur valleys.

As a result, residents are without drinking water and electricity. There are also shortages of essential commodities due to disruption in supply from down districts.

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