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Educational institutions in your pocket

Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, is asked during a TV interview from where have you learnt cosmology and other fields of science? He replies by showing his mobile phone “from this thing. Whenever I find difficulty in grasping any topic, I open YouTube or Google and start reading and listening to lectures available on these platforms”.
Denying the fact that almost 90pc school-going students use mobiles is out of the question. You can see this portable device in the hands of everyone nowadays. Having mobile is a good thing but not knowing how to use it to enhance your knowledge while walking, sitting and doing everything is a grave issue.
Whenever we go through the smart phones of our children who are considered to be the future of this nation, the very first thing appears on the main screen after opening the lock is an icon of an app having a person wearing a helmet and gun in his hand – Pubg. Although playing games on mobile to get some refreshment can’t be criticized but when the mobile phones are used only for playing games and using futile apps it becomes a serious issue as Vivekanand says: “Excessive use of anything is poison.”
There are plethora of productive videos on YouTube and useful apps on playstore and if used properly these can come in handy not only to enhance knowledge but also be instrumental in mushrooming curiosity to know about different topics of religion, science, history and many others. 
Mobile phones can be converted into educational institutions by downloading different apps and watching videos regarding any topic on YouTube. We can’t thwart our children from using android phones but we can teach them how to use mobile properly in order to make them au fait with what is going on in the world. BBC, Aljazeera, DawnNews and Express Tribune applications and many others having jammy interface are available on the playstore. 
Islam 360, a very popular Islamic app, can also be easily downloaded from playstore, which will definitely come in handy to enhance the knowledge about Islam. There are also many YouTube channels replete with informative lectures on different topics of any subject. Instead of watching dramas and listening songs all the time ,if the young generation can be made conversant with these channels ,they will know about many subjects without wasting their time by spending hours on playing games and making videos using slow motion option.
The official channel of JWT (Jahangir World Time) on YouTube has myriad videos regarding how to prepare for CSS, what would be the benefit of choosing different subjects, which subjects have short syllabus and you can also watch the interviews of CSS officers to embolden yourself.  They can join useful groups on Facebook also in which different topics concerning cosmology, physics etc are discussed. 
It’s the responsibility of parents and also teachers in schools to tell the students about how a mobile phone, which has become a part of everyone’s life, can be used properly to rejig daily routine. They should be taught that becoming tool of your tools will destroy your life that’s why you should use them for your improvement, not only for entertainment.
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